frequently asked questions

Is it true that ReverteTM treated polyolefin films biodegrade?
Yes! Once the molecular weight of the film has reduced sufficiently it is available for biodigestion. Assuming there is sufficient viable flora and fauna the low molecular weight species will be mineralised or ‘biodegraded’.

Is it true that ReverteTM does not contain heavy metals?
Yes! There are no heavy metals used in the ReverteTM technology, this has been independently certified.

Is it true that ReverteTM does not leave harmful residues?
Yes! ReverteTM has been used for many years in agricultural mulch film applications, where the soil residues have been independently evaluated and crop germination and yields have been monitored. In addition many customers have put through the ASTM 6954 test protocol which has a specific soil toxicity component (Tier 3).

Is it true that ReverteTM treated films reduce litter?
Yes! ReverteTM was formulated with the reduction of litter in mind, the material commences breakdown once film is discarded into the environment and rapidly fragments into biodigestable constituents. At this point the material is no longer a littering hazard. Then if in a suitable environment the material will biodegrade to leave water, biomass and CO2.

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