Latin America Distributors Conference, Antigua, Guatemala

The 3rd annual Wells Plastics LA distributor conference was held on 10th and 11th March 2011 at the Camino Real Hotel in Antigua, Guatemala. The conference was attended by representatives from most of Wells’ distributors in Central and South America, and individual market presentations were given by all. The distributors also had the opportunity to meet the new Chairman and CEO of Wells, Mr. Paul Richardson. Paul made a short address at the conference dinner when amongst other things he said the company was planning to increase further the marketing support of its ReverteTM brand of oxo-biodegradable additive. Carl Birch, Sales & Marketing Director of Wells, delighted distributors by presenting details of the recently completed independent test results which confirmed the oxo-biodegradability of HDPE and LDPE films containing ReverteTM according to ASTM D 6954. Wells are the first company to have taken PE film through all 3 tiers of ASTM D 6954 in sequence. Carl also presented the highly promising up to date news on the independent testing currently taking place on PET material incorporating ReverteTM, and the newly launched ReverteTM web site, LA is an important region for the Reverte brand and Wells intend to fully support their distributors to grow their business in each market during the coming year, the conference was a hailed a great success!