Paper to be given at Interplas in Birmingham UK

Paper to be give at the prestigious Interplas in Birmingham UK, September 2011 THE OXO-BIODEGRADATION OF POLYETHYLENE by DR GARY OGDEN, FIMM CSci The paper will be delivered in the Biobased, Degradable and Recyclate – ‘clearing the myths’ session held in the Green Room on 27th of September 2011. Paper Extract: Wells Plastics, develops and manufactures oxo-biodegradable additive masterbatches under the ReverteTM branding for a range of packaging and technical applications. This presentation will discuss the current accepted standards and demonstrate, through independently tested product, how polyethylene film containing ReverteTM meets the requirements of abiotic degradation, biodegradation and ecotoxicty as defined by ASTM D6954-04. The behaviour of ReverteTM containing polyethylene will be discussed in context with the accepted testing standards to demonstrate the inaccuracies of recently published position statements.