Eurasia Packaging 2011 in Istanbul

Wells Plastics Limited and Obipack Plastick Film San A.S (Exclusive distributor of ReverteTM for the Turkish marketplace) attended the extremely successful Eurasia Packaging 2011 in Istanbul to promote ReverteTM and the use of ReverteTM in oxo-biodegradable applications ranging from check out bags to more complex structures used in the packaging industry. ReverteTM is already extremely well know in Turkey in particular with check out bags and the trademark appears on household names such as Migros, it is however the more complex film structures which ReverteTM is now finding exciting new applications within the food industry as an aid to reducing issues of littering. The show also saw the introduction of ‘Mr Bacteria’ as a mascot for the show for Obipak and Wells, symbolising the micro-organism which may consume the discarded plastic film once the molecular weight of the polymer has been sufficiently reduced by the action of ReverteTM. Mr Sivris, of Obipack, explained that the show was an excellent opportunity to meet with customers and new potentials alike and he had been delighted with the level of enquiry and awareness of ReverteTM in the Turkish marketplace. It had been truly a great success. Recent third party testing of ReverteTM containing films to ASTM D6954-04 ‘Standard Guide for Exposing and Testing Plastics that Degrade in the Environment by a Combination of Oxidation and Biodegradation’ has given the customers confidence in the ReverteTM product range over others explained Mr Birch, Sales and Marketing Director of Wells Plastics, confirming Wells ongoing commitment to qualifying its marketing claims by extensive in-house testing and third party laboratories. Having our own laboratories, test facilities and manufacturing has meant we have been able to provide an unrivalled level of support to our customers in this region, linked with local stockholding by Obipack product can be with a customer next day.