New Reverte™ Check Out Bag Grade

Wells Plastics are delighted to announce the launch of their latest grade of ReverteTM for the check out bag marketplace. ReverteTM has been used in this application for a number of years and Wells have seen ongoing price pressures on their customers and have responded to their needs by producing a new more cost effective grade of ReverteTM. ReverteTM BD 94718 (COB) contains the same ASTM 6954-04 compliant additive package as used in ReverteTM BD 92771 but benefits from a lower cost delivery system.

Comparison of Degradation Profile for LPDE Film

Comparison of Degradation Profile for LPDE Film Checkout Bag Grade

This new grade of material performs as per ReverteTM BD 92771 with only a marginal impact of haze within the film, therefore should offer significant savings for the end users of ReverteTM and is specifically targeted at the competitive check out bag.

The ReverteTM brand is well known across the world being present in over 50 countries with global representation. Wells Plastics values itself on delivering clear, concise, technical information to the marketplace and for being known and respected as the technical and trusted partner for Oxo-biodegradable solutions.

Wells Plastics is a specialist additive masterbatch company based in the heart of the United Kingdom. Wells has over twenty seven years of research, development and manufacturing expertise in the plastics marketplace with a global supply position. Please ask you local distributor, or come directly to Wells Plastics for more information on this grade of ReverteTM and our other plastic solutions.