Product Stewardship Regulatory Status

Product Stewardship – Regulatory Status from 1st January 2021 The regulatory framework for products manufactured and supplied by Wells Plastics Ltd. will change from 1st January 2021, irrespective of any deal that may or may not be made. Wells have spent more than two years understanding the changes which will happen and how they will affect the products we supply. We have liaised closely with our suppliers to ensure that we have continued supply of regulatory compliant materials in order to manufacture our additive masterbatches and compounds. The principle affected regulations and the post-Brexit status are: EU REACH –  Additives  and  monomers  (for  polymers)  will  maintain  their  registration  to  EU  REACH,  thus  there will be no change to the status of products to this regulation. UK REACH – Established to regulate access to the GB market (N. Ireland will remain with EU REACH).  Our  suppliers have confirmed that raw materials (additives/monomers for polymers) will be compliant with regulatory requirements within currently published time-frame for notification and registration. BPR               – The UK has adopted this regulation which will continue to operate in the same manner as current. Hence, the regulatory status of biocides is unchanged or challenged. The UK will adopt the EU BPR Article 95 list as is on 31st Dec. 2020, as the GB Article 95 list. An UK based OR will be appointed as required and an EU based OR will be appointed in due course for Biocidal Product Authorisation. Food contact – The UK has transposed EU/10/2011 (as amended) by Statutory Instrument into UK law thus: The Materials and Articles in Contact with Food (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 201, hence food contact status of our products is unaffected. Product stewardship statements will be updated within the required timeframe to take into account additional UK regulations where applicable. We continue to monitor the evolution of the regulatory position of the raw materials used and products manufactured by Wells Plastics and will update our customers as required. Please address any questions regarding regulatory affairs during this transition period to: Dr Gary Ogden, Technical Manager –